Saturday, March 26, 2011

BC Shows Mostly Sold

OK, that's NOT in BC, but I had to get something in here from the recent, non-reported, Big Dogs Tour of the Yukon.

A busy few days here in the virtual office! Running a little behind due to the Yukon tour, but I think I've played catch up pretty well this week. The Blog is up and running (obviously), and I've sold, or have deals pending on all of the prime, September nights in British Columbia. Also, I've decided– for better or worse– to replace the Lincoln's air suspension with conventional springs. Yeah, yeah, not as interesting as hearing about the neck job on my '35 National, but these are the kinds of pre-tour things I need to deal with. I've also reached out to a blues friendly automotive company in Victoria to partner up with the Tour to "blues customize" the ride for this adventure! More later! This is going to be big fun!

I'm hoping to announce Alberta and Saskatchewan dates in another week or so. Satin tour jackets have been sourced!

This blog entry is being done by iPhone as an experiment. If we can blog the Tour without the laptop and wifi, it may stay more up to date on the road.

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