Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Date on the Poster- The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

Gapping on my Blog! Arriving back in Toronto to a four month catch up of junk mail, garden, lawn, and various other domestic crisis created a rapid disconnect for me. I got the PA gear back to Long & McQuade Toronto on schedule. Everything worked great as usual- and fortunately I didn't need to unpack the gear very often on this Tour. I do have extra mic stands now, thanks to Smoke Meat Pete (see previous Blog entry!), so the gear closet is better equipped...

Tonight it's my official Bad Boy closer. I'm solo- which is fun- but I wish I could of shared Big Dave with more of Ontario! The Toronto Blues Society is presenting me as part of a mostly acoustic blues series at the trendy Gladstone Hotel. No cover. Free blues.

My son Alasdair comes with me to roadie my gear. I let him carry a few things in- as if I haven't been doing this every night for months already- and then I buy him the junk food dinner he craves. I'm met by Jordan, from the TBS office. I get paid up front. Nice. It's a good little stage, the sound man is friendly and professional. The TBS volunteers all know me and chat to fill the space before showtime. They've done a fine job and work hard for the blues. Stage banners are up, lighting is good, a little cd and information desk sits off to the side. TBS President Derek Andrews drops by for a while. The place is busy, but not packed. There are a few family members and a few friends, and quite a few fans I haven't met before. It's a chatty sort of crowd, as one might expect in a big, no cover food and drink room.

Two sets and a few CD sales and I'm done. It's been fun, but it's always hard to know how to promo non-ticketed, no-cover shows. Usually the weight falls to the presenter- and I think the TBS has done a really good job of advancing this event. In the end, I'm very grateful to be thought of, and included in the Toronto Blues Society program. It wasn't one of those adoring, theatre crowds- but it was fun, social, and a great way to bring this National Steel Bad Boy Blues Tour to a close. Somehow, I forgot to bring the tour camera! I think perhaps I need a spare that will ride in one of the guitar cases...

It's an unseasonably warm night on Queen St. West as I pack my gear out into the Lincoln. Still early in this town. The lights are bright, streetcars are rumbling by- bells ringing. The sidewalks are busy and noisy. People drive by, honk and wave. The roof speaker and lights are enjoying their last night out! Bright lights, big city. In ten minutes I'll be home.

What a Tour. Four straight months. I'm glad it's over. I wish it would go on forever. I dread the next one. I can't wait to leave. Next I'll be unpacking, doing the paperwork. A couple more entries to wrap this Tour.

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