Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2012 Tour Preview: Morgan Davis! Prescription for a Great Tour

It's Official. The 2012 National Steel Tour will feature the very, very special guest star, Morgan Davis. Details will be announced over the next few months. Suffice to say that this will be an amazing adventure. Morgan developed the art of touring the blues in Canada and made a career of it. He has been an inspiration to a generation of musicians, many of whom have tried to follow his example. I firmly believe that he is one of the finest blues roots entertainers in the world. As a singer, guitarist, composer, bandleader, storyteller and personality he is compelling and has a universal appeal. I am sometimes taken aback that a man of this enormous talent makes his home in a small corner of Canada instead of Chicago or Los Angeles, or New Orleans. But I shouldn't be. It's a great country we have here, and riding these blue highways is a pretty good life. Morgan and I have known each other for perhaps thirty years, and it's still a thrill to hear him play– every time. This is going to be a big, big, tour with new cds, new songs, old songs, and lots of stories from two big talkers. We will answer the Blues Emergency in your Town. Now accepting expressions of interest...

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