Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tour Mostly Booked- Now the Gaps!!

Well, the bones of the Tour schedule and route have taken shape. We're about seventy-five percent sold now, from coast to coast. Some regions are booked more heavily than others. My task now is to network as needed to fill the remaining down days on the Tour. I've been beating the bushes like crazy to try and find new contacts to fill the holes in the schedule. This is pretty much the pattern every year: anchor dates in, then develop the route and the rest of the spaces in the smartest ways possible.

The Facebook thing is strange. I've "lost" the page I set up for the Tour, and now I just seem to have my own page. It gets dozens of emails every day from people wanting to be my friends. It sucks up time. On the plus side, several offers of bookings have come through on it, and I've been able to network through some of my "friends" to ask about regions where I require more contacts. I guess I need to look at it as the web alternative highway. Some people don't or won't communicate anywhere else. This probably includes venues of a certain age as well!

Meanwhile, the work goes on here at the virtual office. If there is anybody out there thinking about a house concert or a show in your town... the idea could work! The time is now! The high price of gas this coming season is going to carve big hunks off the bottom line, and clearly we're going to have to make this up through adding more shows.

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