Monday, July 25, 2011

Long and McQuade Back on the Tour

I'm very proud to announce that our partnership with Canada's biggest- and best- music facilitator, Long & McQuade, will continue for a fourth consecutive season. I'm going to say good things about them below because I am sincerely proud of this fact.

You'll notice I said "facilitator" not "store" or "music retailer," or something like that. That's because Long & McQuade is more than any of those things. It's a family business, deeply and sincerely committed to the many communities across Canada where it has a presence. You'll not only find it involved in all levels of music, but also in worthy causes.

Here we are in the Calgary, Alberta location. I like the way Long & McQuade does things, and I know Big Dave does, too. Everywhere we go we meet dedicated, long term staff, who love their jobs. It's not just about selling stuff, or giving lessons. I've also been a customer for about 40 years, and I've been in and out of most of their locations in the course of my touring. I remember being in the basement of their original store when I was about 12 and- for some reason- I remember the smell of some of the old drum kits they had down there... It was exciting to be there, it was the Big Time to us.

Charlottetown, PEI. As a company they have taken risks to develop all kinds of music in Canada. How many successful performers bought their first instrument on credit at Long & McQuade? Rented their first PA for their first gig? Longs has planted a lot of seeds for a lot of years, for professionals, amateurs, ordinary people and stars alike. I believe that their business model has significantly impacted Canadian culture. Probably more than some of the grant agencies.

Yes, it grew out of Toronto, but every community has it's own identity. Here Michael Pickett and I set up in Surrey, BC. Do you think it will be loud enough?!!

Guitar heaven in Nanaimo, BC. Our pre-show masterclasses have been very successful here!

These are only a few of the many Long & McQuade locations the Tour has visited in the course of doing nearly 600 shows across Canada. Expect at least a dozen Long & McQuade stops on the upcoming Tour. I'll post the times and locations as they are firmed into our Tourbook.

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