Thursday, August 4, 2011

Posters Released

I know, you can't read it on here. But it's gone to print, and the first batch has already been mailed out to some of the September shows. The rest will follow in a few days time. DPI Graphics, of Mississauga is doing the print of the posters and banners. Wendy Walker produced the images, designed and maintained the brand.

Absolutely crazy times, but under control. The first proof lacked the Long and McQuade plate, so we went back and took care of that. And then a couple of shows came in. Added those. And then the press release went out. My friends in Quebec quickly reminded me that Ile Perrot was not spelled correctly! Called back the poster. Fixed it! Corrected the Blog, the future press releases, the calendar, the Tour Book. It's quite amazing how one little mistake can leak into so many places. I dread mistakes of any kind. I've been pretty lucky for most of the last 600 shows– hopefully all the dates on this Tour will be smooth.

I always delay the poster until the last minute- trying to get all the shows on it. In the end, there are always a few shows that don't get on the poster, and sometimes a TBA or a TBC that remains unsigned. All in all, it's a moment in time. It's what the Tour was on the day the poster went to print. And thank goodness Ile Perrot is spelled correctly! The schedule is pretty solid, but I know there will be a considerable number of Long and McQuade and media events added in the upcoming days. Meanwhile, I'll be licking stamps here in the National Steel mail room! See you out there on the Blues Highway!


  1. Good to see something on the blog again!

  2. Hi Kate, As usual I got this Blog up and running in January, but I seem to have had problems notifying the "followers" of the previous Tour blogs. Considering how popular these have been in the past, the visitor stats here have been less than impressive so far. My intent is to use my mobile phone at least part of the time this tour to provide updates. I guess I'll see what the photo quality is like. Perhaps I'll txt in more often, and then update the photos where I have solid, high speed links.

  3. Good luck on the tour Doc, I'll definitely try to get to one of your gigs this time 'round. You never know where I'll pop up.
    See ya!
    Your Arcadia Friend,
    Laurie Stevenson