Monday, November 14, 2011

C'Town- Baba's Lounge

Oops, no pics. I don't know what we were thinking today! Slow start at the Dunk cabin this morning. Hung around and helped Hal move piles of firewood. Went for another run on the Confederation Trail. Under cover of darkness we head into town, the big, C'Town, to play Baba's Lounge. Even at 9:00 we are way too early. Our sound tech doesn't arrive until 10:00. It's more like 11:PM when we start our first set. Too bad the late start- some of our folks just aren't going to come out. We do have a pretty nice little crowd though. A whole bunch of PEI musicians show up- including our new pals the Bad Habits Blues Band. Alas, at the end of the night we make less than $100. The cover was not between $10 and $20 as expected. Unknown to me, the venue charged only $5- and didn't collect from the folks in the back! Seriously, the sound man (who did an excellent job), and the bar staff all made more than we did. Much more. My share, before expenses, came to $45. PEI folks had no trouble paying $20 a couple of nights ago at the Dunk. I wouldn't have unpacked the guitars if I had known. I don't mind taking a chance on the door- when there is a door. Here, we had a modest crowd, but effectively played for free. What was the venue thinking? Who was responsible. Yeah, write this down to "bad communications," eh? I've got a pretty good track record at communication. We're not a kid band playing for drinks, and we've been at it for over forty years now. Call me shafted in Charlottetown.

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