Sunday, November 13, 2011

Red Dirt Day: Down at the Dunk and a Run on the Confederation Trail

Breakfast with Hal at the Dunk. What a beautiful building, and what a wonderful host. There are few places or people I enjoy visiting as much. It's been a real honour to be a part of this over the past few years. Really, stops like this make it possible to keep going.

Here's the blacktop in front of the Dunk. I sit on the centre line to take some pics! The red dirt roads are not far away. It's a beautiful day, so I decide to go for a run. When I get back I can relax in Dunk Hall or in the wood heated guest cabin. The blog can wait. I'm going to run the red dirt!

The Confederation Trail runs the length of the Island on the old railway tracks. It has little branches and loop trails most of the way. I elect to run along the forest trail by the Dunk River. After the wooded loop, I get up onto the nice, level Confederation Trail mainline and run easy for another 10 km or so. I stop in the ditches a couple of times to plunder some old power insulators and to watch the beavers at work.

I was wearing red today, but I didn't meet anybody with guns.

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