Thursday, November 3, 2011

Toronto to Picton, ON

A quick stop at Master Mechanic to get the torque on the wheels checked out. I blew tires on the run down from Thunder Bay, and I was not impressed by the quality of the work in Blind River, ON. Not one, but two wheel hubs flew off as I left their shop. And only one could be found. So I'm out... what $100, for a replacement Lincoln hub. The tire shop just looked at me like it was my fault they couldn't put the wheel hubs on properly. These are guys who are supposed to be popping these on and off all day every day... So here we are today having the work checked out by a shop that I know and trust!

All good! We add oil and are on the highway. Eastward bound on the Big Road- Hwy 401- apparently the busiest highway in North America. It's not a bad ride out around mid-day.

We forget the tour camera at the Acoustic Grill in Picton! In the car that is! Damn! No pics of one of the nicest little venues in Ontario. After a wonderful night, we check into a motel overlooking the harbour. It's still early, so we watch a DVD of Louis C.K., one of Big Dave's favourite stand-up comics. After a lot of laughing we sleep. Tomorrow: Quebec.

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