Saturday, November 5, 2011

Perth-Andover: Way Cool! Bless The Bogan!!

Yeah. You might have noticed that the caption above has nothing to do with Woodstock, New Brunswick. I wake up this morning to discover that our house concert there- booked some eight months ago- has been cancelled! Nice, eh? Now, to be fair, the email was dated 48 hours earlier, but we've been in places where we didn't get email. Nice, eh?

A phone call later, and a little luck, and we've got a show scheduled for tonight in Perth-Andover, at a venue called the Bogan! Nice. A very amazing gesture. These folks will book us, and promote us on eight hours notice. Nice, eh?!! We really, really appreciate this!

We have a ball at the Bogan, and are well fed and cared for as well! Thanks, Heidi and Alfred for coming to our rescue! We'll be back! Lots of friends up on this wall. Our poster will join them shortly.

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