Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kenora Concert

I'm on the road by 8:30 AM. It's a long, long ride today. I'll need to put in about 9 hours of driving to get in on schedule and set up for tonight's show. But it's a big, fluffy sky again, and the air is crisp. I'm low on fuel this morning, but I'm going to buy some just down the road.

What I really want is coffee. I've gassed up the Lincoln, but decent coffee has been in short supply so far today.

The roads get a little smaller past Kenora. I'm headed up to the Winnipeg river, where I'm to play a "deck concert" overlooking a big bay. Over 40 advance tickets have been sold and, as I've played around here before, I'm pretty sure I'll have a friendly crowd!

Sure enough! And many hands making light work, I'm set up pretty quickly!

I bet people are going to hear this show for miles tonight! Nice backdrop, eh?

The show continues until all is way dark. A fun night which finally winds down with my hosts, Craig and Darlene, playing for me under the rich and starry sky. What a nice way to wrap the day!

Cathy set this whole thing up. Well, she talked her pals Craig and Darlene into taking on this whole thing on! It was a great event for all!
Hey! One handed pics rule!
My hosts. My new pals! Ain't love sweet?
My colours! Of course I leave a jacket behind... It fit Craig so nicely!

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