Thursday, August 25, 2011


Fluffy skies north of Toronto. A late start, but with no show tonight I've got nothing to do but drive. The Lincoln is humming nicely. Now, north of Barrie, northern Ontario starts to take shape. I've got the windows open. I'm sipping on a giant coffee. Albert King's "Crosscut Saw." Set the cruise control. Relax. Oh, yeah!! Man, it is so good to get this whole thing on the highway!! Mobile, under fluffy skies.

The Canadian Shield rears its edges. Trees and rock. There's a whole lot of trees and rock in some parts of Canada. I know I'll be rolling through this kind of picture for a few more days.

Looks like the weather is gonna turn, but that's OK. This road belongs to me.

Smoke stacks of Sudbury. It's still a hard rock town. I remember blowing into the old hotel- was it the Colson? We'd play six nights- plus a Saturday afternoon show with the strippers. Big room with miners, bikers, railway men, and the self-described, First Nations, FBI. You could take your date out for a romantic ride to watch the slag being poured off in the dark. You could buy popcorn from Gus. But not tonight. I'm alone, and I'm going to ride the Dark Road for a few more hours. A couple more coffees and I'll be in Sault St. Marie. That'll be my stop tonight. I hate to bypass Sudbury, and the Bluenose Barber, but maybe we'll see you next time.

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