Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A quick roll into Long and McQuade's Bloor St., Toronto location. I've got a lot of stops to make today, but this one is usually pretty easy. I'm around at the Rentals door- a place I know well.

The Lincoln is looking good, too. It has a pretty big trunk. I'm going to pack a smallish, back-up PA in there along with everything else. I always hope that it never will need to come out- but every Tour has it's equipment supply failures. If requirements come up short I'm ready with a back-up of every item. I was just reminded of touring England for the first time where "a full PA system" turned out to be a single mic on a cord!

That's not a problem here. Mike quickly helps me select what I'll need for this Tour. I'm taking out a little Yorkville System that packs nicely. It would not be great in a theatre, but it would cover our butts, and it will certainly sound very good in any smaller venues. Quite amazing to think how good modern gear actually is. Not so long ago a PA of this efficiency would of required large, heavy cabinets and probably a small van to move them around in.

Hey! This Tour is good to go! While Long and McQuade outfits us, I always buy extra insurance on all the gear. Tomorrow, the open road! Westward bound!

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