Sunday, August 28, 2011

Manitoba and Beyond

Meeting the border without any problems. Glad to get the Lincoln pumped up to a faster speed. It's a slow haul across northern Ontario, so a few extra kph are welcome indeed!

It's always a little shock to suddenly find oneself on the flatlands. Big sky. Divided road. Today the TransCanada is good.

Getting there...

And soon I am in Big Dave's backyard! Winnipeg! Dave's Town. We load gear into the Lincoln to save on flying it west. I'll pick Dave up at the airport in Victoria in just a few more days. Meanwhile, we're pumped! I've got to rock to get to my event in Regina tonight! Go, go, go. The wheels are humming. James Brown and the Fabulous Flames are singing. It's a hot sucker out here on the prairie, and I've got the windows open, the wind blasting through!!!

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