Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Dave Re-Joins The Tour

It's drizzle and cold and I'm at Calgary Airport half an hour early for Big Dave's flight in from Windsor, ON. He's been there for the weekend playing in the cool house band for Holger Petersen's induction into the Blues Hall of Fame. Now he's back and that extra half hour is going to cost us $6.50. Trouble is we can't pay the machine! We tried. Apparently we lack some basic Stars Wars equipment. Cash money won't do. It won't take blood. It very nearly takes urine... Eventually we escape the parking garage and head out to the highway.

The bad news is that our show in Carstairs, AB has been cancelled. We decide to break for Banff, where we are scheduled to play the next night. The band room is not in use, so we'll be able to spend the night at no cost. Outta here!!

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