Saturday, October 1, 2011

Congrats to Holger Petersen- Big Dave in Windsor, ON

It's a nice day in Windsor, Ontario. It took Big Dave three flights, and a whole day of travel to get here! This is a big day at the Blues Museum/Blues Hall of Fame. Canadian roots music icon Holger Petersen is being inducted. To celebrate, an all-star band of some of Holger's friends is to play. Guitarist Johnny V, above with Big Dave, is the bandleader.

Southwestern Ontario reminds me of southern Alberta, before it got all arty and liberal.

Hot peppers from Johnny's garden have no political agenda!

Dave's adventures at Holger's induction continue below... At least one unexpected and very interesting guest arrived to play with the band! Check back for another update as I get more time to fill in text!

Big Dave was previously inducted, but we didn't get any decent pictures that year!

Holger Petersen's new book! Christmas is coming. A must read for anyone with an interest in the Canadian music scene.

Another Canadian icon, Richard Flohil attended the event.

Ted Boomer makes the presentation...

Hey! Who's that drummer??? C'mon, Dave, count him in!!!

Don't play "Mustang Sally" except with the guy who wrote it!

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