Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blues on Broadway

A fun night. We're not the only ones with a down day on tour. David Gogo and Johnny Winter roll up after a bowling expedition. Big Dave and I have each opened shows for Johnny, but we have never had the opportunity to hang out and visit with him. Tonight we are invited on board the coach and we spend a memorable hour talking.

I've been waiting 35 years to tell Johnny about my first visit with Robert Pete Williams back in 1976. I relate to him how I was sitting in Robert Pete's living room in Rosedale, LA, when I noticed a little record player and a few albums over in the corner. Curious as to what records he might be listening to I went across the room to look. Buck Owens and Johnny Winter were the only records in the pile! Robert Pete told me he learned a lot of stuff from Johnny's records. I thought that was quite wild and cool, and I resolved to tell Johnny one day- because I thought it might be important to him. I just thought he would like to know. Tonight I get to sit with Johnny and tell him the story. I was right. I can tell he's a little moved by it.

After a time David Gogo, Big Dave and myself head back to Bud's. Good night, Johnny. Thank you for the hospitality.

Doc MacLean

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