Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meanwhile, Doc Takes Invermere BC

It's a long, rainy drive to Invermere from Kamloops. I'm on the road about half an hour later than planned. Just a slow start. I could of slept longer, given half a chance. Meanwhile, it's been a slow crawl in heavy rain. On several occasions the Lincoln hydroplanes slightly on puddles, or in the ruts of the road. Very scary. I'm driving pretty slowly. Not a good water car, or perhaps it's the winter tires? Or perhaps it's just the volume of water on the road?

I stop in Golden and drop some posters off at the bookstore. I had a really fun show there last season, and I'm looking forward to coming back in 2012. But now, onward to Radium Hot Springs and Invermere!

The weather improves as I move down over the pass area and into the valley. Thank goodness! And I'm still here on time. I forgot that I was to cross the time line today- adding an extra hour to my arrival time! I had planned on being here quite early, so I did have a little, one hour envelope to cover me. There's my name on the sign- always a good thing to see when coming into a town!

Arriving at the venue, I find deer at the entryway, munching on apples. They politely stand back to let me load in, but are not going anywhere. I ask Tony, the chef/owner of Strands, whether or not he's got apple-fed venison on the menu! Actually, there is elk on the menu this evening- but from an Alberta farm. As always, the meals at Strands are amazing. Definitely the place to eat. I tease Tony that I only come to BC so that I can stop for soup!

Over to my hotel for a quick time out, and then it's showtime! Last night I missed having Big Dave, but tonight I'm used to my own company again. I have a nice show. The place is full, and the staff keep the red wine flowing. It's another early night, so after tearing down the PA I'm back to my hotel. There's a saloon downstairs, and a party in the parking lot. I turn on the white-noisy heater and all that recedes into the night.

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