Friday, September 30, 2011

Doc and Dave's Big Weekend Adventure

It's real dark, plenty of stars in the sky as we roll out of Williams Lake at exactly 4:00AM. We stop at Tims and fuel up with extra large coffees for the road.

There's nobody out here but us this morning. I narrowly miss a couple of deer on the highway. We're not going fast, but they can be hard to see. Damn! Scares me, but Dave has his eyes closed and misses them altogether. Just as well, I guess!

We're heading for Kamloops Airport, where Big Dave will catch a flight out to Windsor, Ontario- via Vancouver and Toronto. A long day, for sure! Dave is to perform as part of the band for Holger Petersen's induction into the Blues Hall of Fame. We would not have done this crazy run for anybody else!

Wild sculpture, eh? We're here! And on time.
I bid Big Dave good-bye, and then head into town to look for breakfast. It's getting brighter out, but I feel like a bag of dirt. I'll be picking Dave up at Calgary airport on Tuesday. Meanwhile the Tour continues on the ground.

I love these humpy, little hills- I guess mountains- around Kamloops. I get a great breakfast at a downtown joint near the library, and then I head up the mountain to take care of some banking, do a little family history research, and then sleep in the car for a couple of hours. It's gotten rather warm, so I open the windows and park in the old cemetery. I do Starbucks for the wifi, and then it's off to work again.

Long and McQuade's new location in Kamloops is closer to downtown and much bigger. There is a large turn out for today's guitar clinic, and the workshop actually runs past closing time! It's a nicely designed store with a really good stock of instruments. There is a left handed Yamaha in the acoustic section- one of the loudest lefty guitars I've ever played. Good sounding, too. But I've got to go to the gig...

I elect to hump the Tour PA into the club, rather than use their in-house gear. It's not too difficult to do. A modern Yorkville Sound PA is easily carried and sounds great. Not too long ago it would of taken a van full of heavy gear to do the same show. Five trips to the car and I'm in with all my gear and instruments. I'm set up in 20 minutes and ready for a pre-show bowl of soup!

It's an early start and an early finish in this gallery/cafe/performance space. The staff are very friendly and keep me stocked with plenty of hot tea. I slip next door for a shot of scotch between sets! There are a few old friends in the audience tonight, including Kamloops based Brent Zwicker. He's the man behind the syndicated blues show "At the Crossroads," and does much to keep the blues alive in the BC interior.

Post show with "At the Crossroads" host and producer Brent Zwicker. A local cable station came down to do an arts segment, and I had a great time doing the interview- just one of those fun, easy sessions. After the shoot these nice folks help me pack my gear out to the Lincoln. Amazing! It's been a really long day, so I drive two blocks to the Travelodge. That's it, I don't even care how much the room is tonight. Done.

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  1. If the women didn't have to wear those silly dresses, I'd be ALL OVER square-dancing!