Thursday, September 15, 2011

Courtenay and Cumberland, BC

Breakfast at Pioneer House and then we're out of Duncan. Layover due to a house concert cancelling. Hey, stuff happens in this world. It was nobody's fault, and we did get an extra day to visit pawn shops, thrift stores, and work in the virtual office. It's kinda grey today, and a little cooler.

I'm the wheelman, while Big Dave mans the mike and keeps the whole thing bouncing. We blast out of town with Albert King playing, but shut down quickly enough to save our energy for Courtenay and Cumberland, our two destinations for the day.

Trees and rocks. We take the coastal highway, but end up paying $1.39 a litre for gas. Others on this road are as low as $1.18! The Lincoln sucks back close to $100, and we keep rolling.

After a couple of hours of cruising Courtenay and Cumberland- announcing the evening's show, and distributing handbills- we roll into one of Long and McQuade's newest locations, Courtenay, BC.

Of course we do come in with the Lincoln cranked up! Lee and his staff quickly make us feel at home in this pocket sized, but full service location. We're not going to require a PA for todays appearance.

As expected, a nice selection of guitars in this store. There is also a steady flow of kids dealing with their band instruments, and the music ed centre seems to be busy.

Dave and I do a little run down of how to play in open tunings. It's a small crowd in a small store. We answer a few questions, talk about the history of resophonic guitars, play a few songs. Before you know it we are done and on our way. A quick stop at our hotel before heading over to Cumberland to set up for tonight's show.

The Cumberland Hotel is a very funky little place. Dave and I like it from the moment we walk in the door. The sound tech has us up and running in no time. It sounds great on and off the stage. Gonna be a fun night!

You never know who is going to show up, or what they may have. Here's a cigar-box guitar maker from Quadra Island with two of his cool creations! Tracy Tomlinson runs a little shop called "Hard Times" and builds these crazy things!

There have been quite a few advance tickets sold, so the room starts to fill an hour or so before showtime. Our host, bar owner-operator Cresslynn, and her staff take great care of us. Tonight's show is presented by the Vancouver Island Music Festival, and they've done a great job. We've got a good crowd of music folks here tonight.

Here's our jacket winner!! Dave and I enjoy the show. When the sound is so clear, and the audience is with you it's a beautiful thing. We both hope to visit again soon! I remind the reader that I won't review our own shows here on the Blog. If you'd like to post your comments on the people, places, things, or shows, please do!

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  1. What a Great show Doc and Dave! Thanks for checking out my Cigarbox Guitars. You made them sound real nice. Should have got you guys to autograph my 4 string....DOH!!!! Next time! Big Kudos to the Cumberland Hotel and VIMF!!!