Thursday, September 29, 2011

Williams Lake, BC

We're on the road and cruising for coffee.

It takes a while, but we find a spot.

Big Dave engages in handicraft projects as we drive. Genuine "Doc 'n Dave" rocks anyone?

We drop by the Billy Barker Casino in Quesnel to have breakfast. We played here a couple of years back, so we know about the secret, all day breakfast. I can always find this place because of the name of the street...

Dave likes it, too.

Before leaving town we do the rounds of thrift shops and pawn joints. The internet has pretty much eliminated amazing, miracle finds, but we live in hope and wander through the isles. Some pretty nice leather jackets in pawn, if you need that kind of thing. Lots of power tools. Lots of budget guitars... We buy nothing, and move on out of town.

We could be panning ourselves at today's prices!

It's a pretty nice run down route 97 to Williams Lake. We are in town early, so we do the local Sally Ann, and check out the music store. Our poster is up on the wall there, which we take as a good sign.

Here's a cool mural nearby the Williams Lake Library.

It is to be a house concert/dinner combo tonight. We are not sure if it will be held outside or inside. There is a big tent out in the back, and a firepit. It is also quite a bit warmer here than it was in Prince George. So outdoors ought to work. Do we need to set up the PA? We'll wait and see. Dave relaxes in the driveway with a woodcarving project.

Our host, resident chef and promoter Martin, is doing his thing in the kitchen, so we know whatever happens we'll be well fed. He's prepping for about 50 people, and we're hoping that they are going to show!

Dave and I elect to play inside for ease of presentation. We've got a great bunch of folks here, and we have a blast playing.

Good night Williams Lake. We'll catch a little shut-eye, but not too much. We need to be on the road by 4:00 AM in order to get Big Dave to Kamloops Airport on time for his morning flight. I'll tell you all about that tomorrow! Meanwhile, I think there is some desert left over... and a little red wine. Dave's giving guitar lessons again, hey, we gotta wrap- it's after midnight.

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