Friday, September 16, 2011

Headliners, Long and McQuade, Nanaimo, BC

Our pal Ian McLean comes over to take us for breakfast near our hotel. Of course breakfast quickly leads to a local pawn shop, a record store, and then... Gotit-Needit-Wantit! Dave needs a guitar stand, and we not only get that, but end up exploring the store. There are a couple of really nice old Gibsons that we think about adopting...

We leave up a couple of Tour posters and hit the highway. We'll be back- a really nice, friendly musician stop with great gear and a few treasures.

A little overcast. We've got a little time to kill, so we motor down the meandering, coastal highway. We've got our gas buddy app going, but the best gas we find today is still $1.34. The worst, or most expensive, was $139.9 on the trip north!
By the time we reach Nanaimo we are in light rain. It lets up enough that we can open the windows and distribute handbills around town. We cruise about for a couple of hours and then head over to the venue where we are met by Manda, our promoter and the owner of Headliners.

Headliners has got a really nice stage area, lighting, and sound gear. Manda helps us in and we are set up fairly quickly. We are going to present our pre-concert Long and McQuade workshop at Headliners as the store is moving to a new location today, so both locations are a little crazy. Before we know it there are a few young guitar players waiting, and the workshop is underway. We cover open tunings, slide guitar, fingerpicking, delta and Chicago styles. I think these young guys take some ideas away with them- that's the whole idea!

After a quick bite, we're back. Showtime soon! The place is filling up. Our blues pal, David Gogo, arrives and we give him a quick demo of the Lincoln blues ride before going in and getting down to what we do best! Hey! The Blues is Back in Town!!

Here's our lucky jacket winner! We have a fun night. After load out we head up the street to our motel. The RCMP shake us down, gently and politely, in front of the office. But they do have all the disco lights on, and the motel management are a little nervous as we check in a few minutes later. We also discover that we've been robbed at some point during the load in load out process. Somebody removed a travel bag from the backseat of the Lincoln. It only had Dave's groceries in it, but it is still a bother. Whoever took it made a real quick hit. We resolve to be extra careful as we move on down the road.

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