Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hornby Island Magic

Start the day off with a swim and a boat tour, boys? Dr. Bernd Meuhlenberg is a wonderful host, and he's got us out on the water in no time. We're touring Sproat Lake, where our concert took place last night. This is a beautiful body of fresh water, ringed by mountains. It's a nice day for a ride!

This isn't nature- it's the biggest waterbomber in the world! This plane, and it's surviving twin are based at the arm of this lake.

Built in the 1940s, these planes are still in service and fly missions all over the world.

But tourist days do come to an end, sort of. Soon we are waiting to catch our ferry to Hornby Island. I use the opportunity to pass out handbills for this evening's show!

Arriving at Hornby, we swing into action with the Lincoln! "Big Blues Show Tonight! One night Only! Don't miss Bad Boy Blues at the New Horizons Hall, Eight PM!!! Be there or be Square! Bring your friends... You won't want to miss this special Blues Show! Big Dave McLean and Doc MacLean. One night only. Award winning show here tonight..."

Local promotion is always cool here!

Our digs are lovely. We check in for a brief rest before dinner and showtime.

Dave and I relax out back, and then head over to a nearby home for dinner. The Hornby Island Blues Society knows how to take care of their artists! Kurt treats us to an amazing meal in Ava's outstanding garden! Thank you so much!

Hornby Island Blues Society organizer Gord Bateman relaxes for a moment before the show.

Plenty of volunteers are needed to make these shows happen. We've got a great crew here tonight. Plenty of hands make for light work. We're loaded in and set up very quickly. James does a wonderful job of the sound. Soon, it's that time- showtime! The venue is not sold out, but there is a big enough crowd to be fun to play to. Dave breaks a string. And then another! There is a little group gathered at the bar/kitchen replacing strings as we continue to play.

Everything works out nicely. Soon it's jacket raffle time! Heres our winner!! That's an XL, please! Before you know it the night is done and Dave and I are headed off into the darkness. Back at the house we sit on the deck and listen to the crashing of the tide.

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