Sunday, September 11, 2011

Duncan Garage Showroom

The Batemans host Dave and I for breakfast. After big time coffee, bacon and eggs, we head out to try and catch the 11:00 AM ferry. It's pretty crowded when we get to the wharf, and it looks like we may have to wait out an extra hour.

We get lucky sometimes! Just made the boat! I'm always sorry to see the Island growing smaller behind us.

It was a blast to buzz this little place with this big horn!

I doesn't take Dave and I long to reach Duncan, BC. It's a hot, hot day here and the place is dead. We drive the streets announcing the show. Downtown is empty. The suburbs have a little traffic in the malls. After a couple of hours of hot, loud, shameless promotion, we check into our motel and then drop by the club. Puling in behind the Duncan Garage Showroom, it doesn't take long to get Longevity John's attention!

It's always a quick load in and an easy soundcheck here. The Duncan Garage Showroom is one of Canada's very best venues for acoustic music- a great listening room, and a wonderful room to play. Check. Check. We're done. These guys have done over eight years of shows here and can dial everything in where it ought to be pretty quickly. There have been about 30 advance tickets sold, which is a pretty good sign at this 70 seat venue.

Showtime, and we are near capacity. We're having fun and so is the crowd!

Here's our jacket winner for the night!! Genuine, white stripe satin tour jackets! After an encore, we pack out to our Falcons Nest Motel. We're on layover here for a couple of days, so we'll be hunting down the pawn and thrift stores in the morning. Got any old guitars? Always a pleasure to visit Duncan and catch up with so many friends on this part of the Island.

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