Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Running Prince George

Down in Prince George doesn't mean down and out. Dave and I take the Lincoln downtown and cruise the streets for a couple of hours of shameless promotion. Where is everybody? Plenty of cars, but very few people are out walking around today. We do a quick stop in at Prince George CBC Radio, and then head back to the country where we are staying at Dovey and Ken's place. Here's a tired looking Doc heading out to run the rural roads.

It's plenty wild around Prince George, and I'm thinking about bears as I jog past the old Studebaker, down the gravel, and out to a bigger road.

A heavy sky keeps me company as I labour along for a few more km. It's not how far you go, or how fast you go- it's the go that's important. Life's like that, too.

Dovey, our tireless promoter and host in Prince George, takes Big Dave and I to dinner. I finish the day back in our digs, working the email and vamping a Blog or two. Real action again tomorrow!

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  1. "It's not how far you go, or how fast you go- it's the go that's important."

    Words to live by. I'll keep them in mind as I try to figure out how to force myself into the 30-below this winter for the daily medicine walk, or what to do alternately to get and keep ye olde cardio system in shape.