Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Loud It Up, Day 2

Back at the shop for Day 2 of the Install. Tim is working on the wiring harness and controls.

There are four speakers altogether: big horn, small horn, and two side-wash speakers. Then there are the lights: a white, strobe inside the big horn- it looks like a giant electrical spark when it goes off- Smokestack Lightnin', baby; pencil spots to illuminate the sides; and long, track lights inside the chicken coop. It all glows kinda blue. Then there's a green upright stick that pulses with the sound! All this stuff is individually switched from the cab.

Dave and Ed drop by Island Audio to take me away for a while. We're just going to cruise around town for a bit and take in some of the sights while the work continues.

One of my running heros, Terry Fox. He reminds me that we can often do more than we might imagine. I've had a couple of short runs in Victoria, but I've been slow and easy.

Mile Zero of the TransCanada Highway. Great place to start a Canadian tour!

It's a pretty town, filled with flowers and gardens. Ed and Dave drop me back at the shop, where I will check on progress and hopefully see the project completed as planned!

It is all looking good! Ian and Tim are running final checks, powering up this and that...

The mighty rig is done!! Stay tuned as we test it out in the morning!!!

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