Saturday, September 17, 2011

Return to Victoria: Longs and a House Concert

It's a quick run down to Victoria this morning. The Lincoln is sounding great- we give her a little test run into Ladysmith, where we stop for coffee and supplies.

Down the road we stop to look at the big trees. There are bigger, older trees than these in British Columbia- but these might be the largest next to a highway. The photo doesn't really give the scale of the tree the actual BIG that it is. We usually roll through here in late October or early November when the salmon are running the river, so the park is quiet today. We listen to the trees for a few minutes, and now it's on to Victoria!

Long and McQuade is waiting for us. It's a big store with a music education

We set up and do a mini concert in the guitar department. After answering questions and signing CDs we are on our way. We've got a house concert this evening!

Nice intro, eh?!!

Dave and I have a ball! We've got a full house at this house, and everybody is having fun.

Jacket winner!!!

Door prize! This photo captures us taking our "winner" blog snap!

After the show we hang out and socialize a bit. It's been another wonderful house concert event. Lots of new friends, and I can't help but think how lucky we are to be here, and to live this life.

Good- night!! This picture closes the kitchen, and it's time to catch some well deserved rest.

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